TKU Open Lecture Series

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In 2019, the Global Education Center at Tokyo Kasei University held the first of its annual open lecture series. The mission of the Center is to help our students develop into global citizens, and the open lecture series aims to further this goal by exploring the connections between education and prominent global issues. In an increasingly globalized world, it is important to consider how our educational practices shape, and in turn are shaped by, issues of identity, environment, privilege, and marginalization. Each year, our open lecture series seeks to further discussion of these issues by inviting expert speakers to give insightful talks on topics of global significance, and how they relate to education. We hope that these talks will provide new perspectives and help our attendees to consider these issues in a new light.



Year 2021: Issues of race and racism in English language teaching

Date of the event Lecture Title Lecturer
Jun-2021 "Breaking the Cycle of Inequity towards NNEST in Japan" 🎥 Jackson Koon Yat Lee
Oct-2021 "The Racism of Accent Reduction" 🎥 Vijay Ramjattan
Feb-2022 "Pedagogy & Presence: Black Female ELT teachers in Japan" Avril Haye-Matsui

Year 2020:International and intercultural communication

 Date of the event Lecture Title Guest Lecturer
Jan-2021 "Putting aside essencialist grand narrative to find deCentred intercultural threads" 🎥 Adrian Holliday

Feb-2021 "How to Teach English as a Lingua Franca (and Tackle Native Speakerism)" 🎥
Marek Kiczkowiak

Year 2019:English as a Lingua Franca (EFL)

Date of the event Lecture Title Guest Lecture
Jun-2019 "English as a Lingua Franca" and Culture: What English should we consider using to work with people from different cultures?"
Face-to-face event, No recorded video
Miyuki Takino
Oct-2019 "EFL, Global Citizenship, and Teacher Development"
Face-to-face event, No recorded video
Ayako Suzuki 


(postponed from Feb-2020)

"Transforming Japanese University
students' attitudes towards English: The imoact of ELF-informed academic
content courses" 🎥
Mayu Konakahara