Special Lecturers


Hello! My name is Kelly Cargos, and I am a full-time English teacher with the Global Education Center at Tokyo Kasei University. From 2021-2022, I’ll be teaching English IA (speaking), English IIA (writing), English Communication I, and English Communication II.
I grew up in the United States in a small town in the state of Connecticut. At Macalester College in Minnesota, I studied Psychology and Japanese Language and Culture. I completed a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at the University of Oxford.
In 2013, I came to Japan, and I have been living and working in Tokyo ever since. Before coming to TKU, I worked as a full-time English teacher at a non-profit language school in Tokyo. For more than six years, I taught primary and secondary school students, university students, business people, and retired adults. My classes were on listening, speaking, reading, writing, English literature, world news, speech and presentation, discussion, and more.
My aim is to help you to acquire the English skills that you need to achieve your goals in the future. I will do my best to help you in any way that I can.
See you in class!

こんにちは!グローバル教育センター特任講師のケリー・カーゴスです。令和3年度は英語 IA(スピーキング)、英語 IIA(ライティング)、英語コミュニケーション I、英語コミュニケーション IIの授業を担当します。
アメリカ、コネチカット州の小さな町で生まれ育ちました。ミネソタ州にあるマカリスター大学で心理学、日本語と日本文化を勉強し、オクスフォード大学では言語教育のための応用言語学(Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching)の修士の学位を取得しました。

酒井 亮征 SAKAI, Akiyuki

Howdy! My name is Akiyuki Sakai. I’ll be teaching English IA (speaking), English IIA (writing), Advanced English A (oral presentation), English Communication I, and English Communication II.
I first learned English as a foreign language at a Japanese junior high school. I had a good teacher who taught us the language as a tool for good communication. His teaching helped me a lot when I was in the United States, and in using it, I learned English well through both my successes and failures. After living in St. Louis, USA for nearly ten years and in Brisbane, Australia for a year and a half, I am still learning the language when I use it. Understanding and learning the language is easier when you use it, so I have my students use English a lot in my classes.
Students like you know more English than you think you do; however, it is true that many of you are not used to using it and/or are too shy to use it. My goal in my classes is to help you to understand that you can use what you know and learn new things you need. It is also my goal to help you express your own opinion and ideas and be able to share them with others in English. I look forward to thinking and learning with you.

こんにちは!酒井亮征です。英語IA(スピーキング)、英語IIA(ライティング)、 英語上級A(オーラル・プレゼンテーション)、 英語コミュニケーションI、英語コミュニケーションIIの授業を担当します。

中野 悠稀 NAKANO, Yuki

Hello! My name is Yuki Nakano. I teach English IB (reading) and IIB (listening) here. I have taught English to a variety of learners, from kindergarteners to college students. My motto in teaching English is to help learners realize “I can do it!” using previous knowledge and their own experiences as well as relying on help from their peers.
Besides teaching, I research on bilingualism, more specifically, how bilingual (multilingual) people acquire language(s) besides their mother tongue and process all these languages in their brain. When you hear the word “bilingual/multilingual”, you might imagine something very special. However, in fact, having abilities in more than one language is not remarkable, but rather a world-wide phenomenon! Many people all around the world live their lives while using their language repertoires as valuable resources, regardless of the timing of acquisition and the level of proficiency. Many of you have used Japanese since you were born and have studied English for many years. I believe that both languages are essential parts for language learning. I will do my best to support your English learning at university by creating an open and interactive classroom environment where you can make the best use of your language resources.


PATTERSON, Allie Spencer

Hello! My name is Allie Spencer Patterson. I am from the United States of America. Specifically, I am from the state of Mississippi. Many people do not know the state Mississippi but have heard of the Mississippi river. The state is next to the river in the southern part of America.
Before becoming a language teacher, I was in the United States Air Force. During that time, I first lived in Alaska and then Tokyo. I lived on Yokota Air Base which is in west Tokyo. While in the military, I was able to travel the world and see many interesting places. After leaving the military, I decided to stay in Japan and become a language teacher. I got my master’s degree at Temple University. Since getting my degree, I have taught at several universities in Japan including Waseda University, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, and Nihon University School of Medicine.
Currently, I am working on a PhD in applied linguistics at Temple University Japan campus. Applied linguistics is the science of how people learn a second language. I am currently doing research on how second languages are semantically represented in the mind.

こんにちは!パターソン アリー スペンサーです。アメリカ合衆国のミシシッピ州出身です。多くの方がミシシッピ州をご存じないと思いますが、ミシシッピ川は聞いたことがあると思います。アメリカ南部のその河川に隣接した形で州があります。


Hello. My name is Takako Machimura.
I have been working at Tokyo Kasei University for five years. I will be in charge of English IB and English IIB. My research interests are not only in English education for university students, but also in English education for junior high school and high school, as well as self-efficacy.
When I was in college, I was not good at using English and lost confidence. From that experience, I wanted to help university students who have similar feelings. After graduating from university, I worked as a language learning assistant to support university students. At postgraduate school, I used reflection sheets to study how novice teachers changed over time.
Through my university life, working as a language learning assistant, and research experiences, my educational motto has been "to cherish each person" and "to think about what is fun for university students and for me".
Classes are a great opportunity to learn together. Therefore, we do a lot of pair and group work in class. I also use reflection sheets to communicate with each student. Let's have fun together at TKU!




太田 洋 OTA, Hiroshi
Director of Global Education Center

鈴木 繁幸 SUZUKI, Shigeyuki
Director of Student Mobility Division