Child Studies

Department of Education for Childcare
In the Department of Education for Childcare, students come to terms with the very existence of childhood itself in all its senses–healthy children, children requiring support, cultural differences, national differences, and beyond. Students spend four years acquiring the knowledge and abilities related to the practical skills, research methods, collaborative techniques, and dynamism that will enable them to provide the support children need to realize the inherent potential they are born with. On the rich natural expanse of the university’s campus (the Sayama campus boasts an area of 7.5 hectares), one is never far from the merry sound of children playing. The presence of an active childcare environment (in the form of a children’s clinic and campus daycare facility provided in the university building) has enabled the university’s full complement of faculty and staff to learn together alongside colleagues aspiring to the same goals. Students may work towards receiving qualification as a Nursery School Teacher, a Kindergarten Teacher (Class 1), or qualification for appointment as a Social Welfare Officer (in principle all students qualify for all three) or a Special Needs School Teacher (Class 1) (intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, and health impairment).


Itabashi Campus / 1-18-1 Kaga,Itabashi,Tokyo,JAPAN 173-8602
Sayama Campus / 2-15-1 Inariyama,Sayama,Saitama,JAPAN 350-1398