Department of Nursing
The cornerstone of the Department of Nursing’s educational philosophy is the professional autonomy entailed in our founding spirit of self-reliance and self-control. 
Our department seeks to train nurses, public health nurses, and midwives who will emphasize nursing practices that maintain quality of life and preserve and improve people’s health at all ages, from the moment of birth to old age, and who have the power to act based on the following five capabilities:
    (1) Nursing practice that respects personal character and dignity of life
    (2) Nursing practice that maintains quality of life and preserves and improves health
    (3) The ability to cooperate and collaborate with local communities and across multiple professions in health and medical welfare
    (4) A spirit of curiosity and research inquiry toward nursing
    (5) An international perspective.
In response to considerable changes in the medical care and nursing environment, we are developing an educational program that emphasizes the creation of a foundation from which professionals will be able to provide the best quality of nursing care and continue to grow, as well as a model of nursing that allows patients living with illness, and patients’ families, to live on their own terms, or in other words, in a way which maintains quality of life.


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