Department of English Communication
The department seeks to help students cultivate English-language communication proficiency that will help them be successful in this age of internationalization. By studying British and American literature, English linguistics, and English language education students will develop a broad-based view of language. 
Specifically, the department features intensive English courses for language enhancement, overseas studies at our partner universities, attentive instruction in small groups, and an English curriculum to prepare students to find employment. Through classes that make use of these features, we work to improve the English-language proficiency of each student. The Department of English Communication seeks applications from people with an interest in the English language, English-language literature and arts, cross-cultural communication, foreign-language education, and global cultures and languages, as well as those who wish to make their mark in international society and are attempting to improve their proficiency in English or other foreign languages in order to clear the path to their own future.

Department of Psychological Counseling
Our department seeks to cultivate individuals who will learn extensively about the study of psychology and associated areas, as well as interpersonal skills, from the basics to application, and who will be able to bring a counseling mindset to their personal interactions. For this reason, this specialization emphasizes experiential learning that incorporates a variety of exercises and practical training. Moreover, a special feature of this department is the training of nursing teachers able to provide emotional support (kokoro no kea) based on this foundation. Also, in order to train our students to be professionals with the high degree of expertise and practical ability that enables them to be active in various fields such as medicine, industry, and education, a path has been opened for advanced study at the university’s graduate school. In several of our subjects, we have set up a system that provides a continuous educational experience for six years. Since the university’s graduate school is designated as a Type 1 graduate school for training clinical psychologists, our graduates are eligible to take the Clinical Psychologist Certification Examination upon completion of their course of study.

Department of Social Education and Welfare
The Department of Social Education and Welfare seeks to train students to become professionals who will provide support by becoming closely involved with people’s lives in society. While social welfare connotes the image of helping the weak, this is an outdated mindset. In our contemporary society, social welfare seeks to bring about the realization of a society in which everyone is able to lead happy and fulfilling lives. In this department, we train professionals from the three perspectives of social education, social welfare, and psychology in order to provide social support to help people lead active lives or in response to a variety of incidents that could impact peoples’ lives or lifestyles—for example, disability, disease, divorce, or economic difficulty. To achieve these objectives, teamwork is indispensable. In addition to professional knowledge and practical skills, we focus on extensive training to build and adjust interpersonal relationships as well as the training of professionals equipped with a human touch. Each year we provide education to small groups of around 70 students who go on to find employment in social welfare professions as well as in other fields.


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