Food and Nutrition

In order to live a healthy life, we must try to consume nutrients in appropriate quantities and quality, preserve and maintain our health, and prevent illness. Our department aims to train talented dietitians who correctly understand the contemporary food environment and are able to provide precise nutritional guidance. 
As dietitians, a large number of our graduates are playing an active role in hospitals, schools, care and welfare facilities, corporate offices, and food-related companies. Once a graduate has gained three years of practical experience, he or she will become eligible to take the national qualifying examination to become a registered dietitian. There is now also the option of enrolling as a transfer student.
Students are able to earn a Junior High School Teacher’s License (Class 2) (Home Economics), a Nutrition Teacher’s License (Class 2), or qualification as a dietitian. In addition, there is also the option of taking an examination to qualify as a Certified Food Specialist. We aim to foster women who have gained a comprehensive appreciation of food, nutrition, and health.


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