International Studies Center

Tokyo Kasei University helps international students understand Japanese customs and excel in their new environment. We want international students to have a fulfilling academic and living experience while they are with us.
The International Studies Center offers the following support programs and information services for international students:
1. Reductions and exemptions from some tuition fees (tuition fee payments, tuition fee reductions and exemptions)
2. Scholarship applications (types of scholarships, scholarship amounts, conditions for applying)
3. Resident cards (change of address, marriage, childbirth, loss or theft; etc.)
4. Immigration Bureau and visa status (Immigration Bureau, Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act, visa status)
5. Residency procedures (changing or renewing residence status, re-entry permission, procedures when seeking part-time work)
6. Illness and injury (national health insurance)
7. Moving or seeking an apartment (apartment referrals, general compensation program for international student housing)
8. Procedures for continuing job hunting in Japan after graduation
9. International exchange event planning (international exchange bus tours, international cooking classes, social events (e.g. Halloween parties, Christmas parties, etc.)
The following offices provide other types of support:
Career Path Support Center
Entrance exams
Student Support Center
Courses, testing, and grades; class schedules; lecture cancellation and supplementary lectures; school register (temporary leave or withdrawal from school); scholarships; clubhouse management; apartment referrals; part-time job referrals; issuance of miscellaneous certificates; course procedures; school register management; etc.
International students studying at Tokyo Kasei University
International (non-Japanese) students enrolled (as of 2015)
[By country or region]
■Graduate students: 1 (South Korea: 1)
■Undergraduate students: 6 (China: 4; Taiwan: 1; South Korea: 1)
■Junior college students: 0
□Total: 7
[By academic department (undergraduate students)]
■Faculty of Home Economics: 6 (Department of Food and Nutrition: 4; Department of Costume and Clothing Science: 2)
Tokyo Kasei University currently has partnerships with 12 universities in six countries. Through these, we offer a rich variety of programs including short-term and long-term language courses, exchange programs, and specialty studies taking advantage of the expertise in each academic department. In Japan, we provide intensive English and intercultural education at our suburban facility in Hakone, Kanagawa. We actively create opportunities for exposure to the English language and different cultures.


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