Doctoral Program in Human Life Science

Doctoral Program in Human Life Sciences
Annual intake: 3
Full quota: 9
PhD (Arts)

This doctoral program builds on the foundations of the master’s degree programs of the Graduate School of
Humanities and Life Sciences (Master’s Program in Child Care, Education and Science; Master’s Program in
Health and Nutrition; Master’s Program in Clothing & Art; Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology, etc.) to
form an academically expanded union of these disciplines. In addition to addressing advanced technological
innovation and a diversity of social conditions, the program provides opportunities for comprehensive research,
analysis, and elucidation of human life and lifestyles.
The program is built on the pillars of clinical psychology, human development studies, human environment
studies, living materials studies, and life management studies. In all of these fields, the educational and research
content of the program is broad and flexible, in accordance with the makeup of the academic teaching staff
guiding students.
In order to earn a PhD (Arts) in three years, students must accumulate knowledge and experience in a wide range
of fields through a close collaboration with supervising academics. This program is the highest academic degree
offered by the university, so the entire academic staff is fully dedicated to its improvement and development.
Therefore, we hope to attract students who are highly motivated. As of 2013, a total of 33 individuals have
graduated from the program with a PhD.


Itabashi Campus / 1-18-1 Kaga,Itabashi,Tokyo,JAPAN 173-8602
Sayama Campus / 2-15-1 Inariyama,Sayama,Saitama,JAPAN 350-1398