Master's Program in Clinical Psychology

Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology
Annual intake: 8
Full quota: 16
Master’s (Psychology)

The Master’s Program in Clinical Psychology helps students develop a comprehensive ability to address the
various problems arising in the sphere of interpersonal relations in our increasingly complex society and fosters
professionals with advanced specialist knowledge and skills in this area. The program produces clinical
psychologists capable of flexibly tackling challenges in a wide variety of social arenas, such as healthcare,
education, industry, and the legal system, through appropriate support, intervention, and research.
The program consists of the fundamentals required for professional work as a clinical psychologist along with
elective fields of specialization in clinical psychology, with the aim of equipping clinicians with effective
theoretical and practical abilities. An outstanding staff with expertise in various fields of clinical practice teaches
numerous practical subjects within a balanced and comprehensive curriculum. In addition, the program boasts
ample practical facilities and the collaboration of affiliated hospitals.
In 2002, the predecessor of this program, the Clinical Psychology Course in the Master’s Program in Psychology
and Education in the School of Humanities, was designated as a Category 1 graduate school for clinical
psychologists by the Foundation of the Japanese Certification Board for Clinical Psychologists. So far more than
117 students of our program have gone on to work as qualified clinical psychologists after graduation.


Itabashi Campus / 1-18-1 Kaga,Itabashi,Tokyo,JAPAN 173-8602
Sayama Campus / 2-15-1 Inariyama,Sayama,Saitama,JAPAN 350-1398