President's Message

Mr. Tatsugoro Watanabe established the forerunner of Tokyo Kasei University in 1881 with the aim of nurturing female teachers of wisdom and virtue who could teach sewing. By teaching sewing, women could become independent and contribute to society. Helping women achieve autonomy in this way was our founding spirit. In 2016, we celebrated our 135th anniversary, retaining this same spirit. Our many graduates are working throughout Japan, putting their skills to use in all areas of society. Our first school president, Mr. Seishiro Aoki, sought to develop individuals with compassion for others. He hoped to help women acquire knowledge, expertise in their fields of study, and flexible thinking skills as well as a proactive ability to put these into action Such women, moreover, would always be mindful of the importance of the human heart. Mr. Aoki espoused “love, diligence, and wisdom” as our life creed. These virtues serve as great guiding principles for our students.
Preseident: Kazuhito Yamamoto

Naturally, students enroll in a university to acquire specialized knowledge and skills. However, in the process of doing so, it is important that they discover the issues that they find important and learn how to think about and act upon them. Students do not develop these abilities by themselves. Rather, they cultivate such skills through dialogue and working with others. This empowers students to create new values, live fully, and grow continually. Women play an important role in modern society, and in turn society has high expectations of women. Moreover, women are active not just in their own countries but also throughout the world. The directions women take today offer a glimpse of the diverse society of tomorrow. Tokyo Kasei University offers an educational environment built for such a society. Here, you can develop your sensitivity and intelligence and learn eagerly with an eye on the future. We teach with the hope that each student will work towards understanding the issues personally meaningful to her and build a foundation for contributing to future society while vividly demonstrating her true self. In keeping with our founding spirit and life creed, Tokyo Kasei University offers a rich educational program, along with plenty of individual support, on our beautiful Itabashi and Sayama campuses. As a school with a long tradition and track record of excellence, we hope to journey with you as you work to achieve your goals.

Tokyo Kasei University Educational Philosophy
1. To nurture people capable of leading a life of autonomy, our founding spirit
2. To nurture people capable of practicing love, diligence, and wisdom as their life creed

Tokyo Kasei University Educational Objectives
1. To teach students specialized knowledge, skills, and arts and help them develop into persons who can use their qualifications to contribute to and be active in society
2. To teach students culture and insight and help them develop into people who take part in various types of social enterprises and have the courage to transform society
3. To help students become into people who value interpersonal relationships, are capable of demonstrating their strengths within these relationships, and have communication skills
4. To help students become into people who understand Japan and the world enough to be international in their outlook and meet world standards
5. To help students become into people who contribute to the richness of society’s various lifestyle skills while enriching their own lives


Itabashi Campus / 1-18-1 Kaga,Itabashi,Tokyo,JAPAN 173-8602
Sayama Campus / 2-15-1 Inariyama,Sayama,Saitama,JAPAN 350-1398